Having lived in Duluth for the last 13 years you think that I would be used to wild animals encroaching my path while I am in the car, but the answer to that would be no.

This morning was another first, a red fox ran across the road, stopped and started eating something on the street. He stood right in his tracks and chowed down as I drove around him.

I do not live out in the country by any means, this was by Chester Creek. At first I thought it was a big cat or a little dog, but no it wasn't. Add that to my list of deer of course, a black bear on Arrowhead road years ago, a ground hog, eagles, skunks and I am sure a few more .

Obviously the sad thing is is that they have nowhere else to go and are ending up closer to the humans. We are luckier than most people in that we still have beautiful natural landscape and parks weaved into the city itself, but these animals need a place to roam too.

Next time I am down in Minneapolis battling through the traffic, I will think back on that little fox I saw this morning and realize that a wild animal or two is better then being bumper to bumper with a bunch of other cars. :)