The cold weather season arrived much earlier this year. Temperatures have been 10-15 degrees below average for the second half of October. We saw temperatures as low as 10 degrees overnight already in Duluth. Many people have been caught off guard by the cold. If you have a roof over your head and a warm bed, the cold fall is nothing more than a nuisance. However if you are a part of the vulnerable homeless population, it is far more serious.

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Fortunately we have area organizations that can provide some assistance. There are several warming shelters in the Twin Ports that open up this time of year. The Duluth Transit Authority has announced that they will be offering free rides to the people who need to go to them.

One of the shelters is at Duluth City Center West located at 5830 Grand Avenue. If the temp drops below 32 degrees that evening, people can ride the DTA bus to the shelter. They can get on a bus beginning at 7pm, an hour before the shelter opens. They can ride from the shelter until 9am, an hour after the shelter closes. They should access the bus on routes 1-2-3, and 5.

Superior Ruth's house also is a place you can go to warm up. You can catch a ride on the first and last route 16 trips from 7:00 pm to 9:00am the next day. The Ruth House is at 632 Grand Avenue in Superior.

Another place to keep in mind is the Chum Drop-in center. That's open 24/7 during the cold season. The Chum Center is located in Downtown Duluth on 1st Avenue West.

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