Many more people are affected by homelessness and hunger than ever before. CHUM needs your help with their food shelf and general needs for the homeless and low-income.

Some of the needs haven't changed, but they need more of them. Some of the needs are new and can help many people. Many of the homeless are living in tents. So, tents and camping equipment are a must.

Some need socks and shoes to keep their feet protected and warm. A lot of the list is human needs and hygiene products, undergarments, and bus passes. Bus passes can help people get to their job and help them keep that job. That job could lead to pay raises and eventually earn them the right to be more independent.

March is Minnesota food share month. This year is the 41st year of raising awareness and collecting food. More and more families are in need of food and are afraid to get it because they think other people need help more.

The food share goal for March 2022 at CHUM is to raise $200,000 and 50,000 pounds of food to stock the food shelves, help them to get to that goal. If you want to help and need more info you can email Scott Van Daele or call (218) 727-2391. Or you can donate online.

Here are things on the CHUM list, maybe you can help fill:

CHUM Shelter
Warm socks
Lip balm
Underwear (adults)
Feminine Products

Things Needed For Outdoor Camping
Sleeping bags
CHUM has plenty of large blankets and raincoats right now.

Food Shelf
Can Openers

Steve O'Neil Apartments
52 Bus Passes
Slippers with nonskid soles
37 women, 15 men
$1000 for Early Childhood Education software

St. Francis Apartments
Hygiene Packet for males or females
New Ceramic Cook Spot for St Francis Apartment Resident (43 needed)
Move-In Cleaning Kit for residents

They Also Need Cleaning Kit Contents
Dishwashing liquid
Kitchen Towels
Microwaveable Dish set for 2
Household cleaner
Laundry supplies
Paper Towels
Toilet paper

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Top of the list is blankets and sleeping bags. The shelter is in need of new or gently used microwaves. Also, they are asking for pots and pans to replace the older ones. Sometimes these can be pricey so you might want to go in on these together with someone. They are in need of bedding, especially Twin sized sheets, and blankets. They are in need of washcloths and towels.

Chum cannot accept clothing at this time, and will not take sharp items such as knives or other breakable items. If you do have any of the things listed above, please call 218-720-6521 to volunteer or email Molly Lyons.

Thank you on behalf of CHUM if you can help with anything. As usual, cash always works and sometimes they can get a better deal on food and items when they pay for it at CHUM.

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