The Duluth Transit Authority has announced a contest that will pick the name of their new Downtown Duluth circulatory bus route. The route will connect downtown Duluth beginning in spring of 2020, and it will be free for all riders running from 6am to 6pm.

The goal of the new route is to provide free rides that connect the healthcare facilities, shops, restaurants, lodging, and the government center. They say the winning name for this route will capture the spirit of some of the key ideas including

  • connecting the downtown area
  • free and stress free
  • the color of the buses (green)
  • looping nature of the route
  • connecting people and places

The route number will be 25, but if you'd like to submit your catchy name for the new route you can enter it on their website.

It's free to enter and anyone can participate. You can submit up to three entries. You can see a full map on the website. Look for the green buses coming this spring!



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