Lots of people in the Twin Ports area enjoy the hobby of agate hunting and/or crafting jewelry and other items from the polished, often colorful stones, and if that's not your thing, do you at least enjoy beer?

If you can relate to either or both of the above, then you should plan to check out the Gitchee Gumee Agate Fest & Agate Hunter Release Party, an event being organized by the Duluth MakerSpace and Ursa Minor Brewing.

The two-day event starts on Friday, June 3rd from 4 PM - 7 PM at Ursa Minor for the release of their 'Agate Hunter' sour beer, the public is invited to stop by and "rock" some of the new beer and meet with actual agate hunters to swap, learn and show-off your agates.

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Duluth MakerSpace will be the location of the Gitchee Gumee Agate Fest, Saturday, June 4th from 10 AM - 5 PM, the public is invited to come to look and shop from local agate vendors and artisans, there will also be some food trucks.

Both Ursa Minor Brewing and Duluth MakerSpace are located on W. Superior St. and are only about 5 blocks from each other. There will also be a raffle for all attending with all proceeds going to the Duluth MakerSpace. They are looking for vendors for the event, visit here if you're interested.

Duluth MakerSpace opened in 2016 and is a huge space where artisans and crafters can pay a monthly fee and use the woodshop, metal shop, crafting room with sewing and embroidering equipment, laser cutters, electronics, 3D printers, and much more, it's a makers paradise. They also offer a variety of classes if you wanted to learn a new skill set or just brush up on some skills.

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