The Duluth Children's Museum has purchased a new space in Lincoln Park which they will be moving into in June, in the meantime they have set up a pop up playstation in downtown Duluth on Superior street across from the Sheraton. This temporary space offers some of the same programs they normally offer at the museum.

Cameron Kruger the CEO/President of the Duluth Children's Museum spoke with WDIO and said:

We've really taken the museum experience and made a mini-museum experience. We have a climber, imagination playground blocks to engineer and build with, a toddler area. And we're trying out some of our programming like making paper airplanes and playing with kinetic sand. Just using this space to engage with kids and families.

Many people myself included had no idea how long the Duluth Children's Museum has been around. It was first established in 1930 as a resource for children and teachers and is the fifth oldest children's museum in the country. In May of 2012 the museum moved to the Clyde Park warehouse complex in Lincoln Park and remained there until they opened this current pop up museum. When my kids were little this was a favorite place for us to go all year long, with all the different activities, games and displays we would make a day of it.

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The Duluth Children's Museum is a fantastic resource for educators as well offering field trips, educational resources, and on and off site programs conducted by the museum staff. We are incredibly fortunate to have a museum of this caliber in Duluth to help kids learn and explore outside of the classroom and their home. The current pop up play space is open from 10:00am-3:00pm Thursday -Sunday and the admission price is $5.00 unless you have a membership.

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