If you like the convenience of plastic shopping bags like I do because of the handles, it may cost you every time you go to the store. WDIO reported that Councilor Em Westerlund introduced an ordinance that would require businesses to charge consumers five cents per individual plastic bag.

There would be some exceptions for medications and for meat and fruit to keep it from touching other foods. Many people are already ahead of the game by bringing there own bags to the store or choose paper. I have tried to make it a habit of saving the plastic bags I get from the grocery store and then returning them to be recycled or I use them to line garbage cans, even though deep down I know they are not good for the environment.

The five cent fee would help offset the initial price of the bag that stores pay to purchase them. The group "Bag it Duluth" has been working towards this for years which now might actually come to fruition. The earliest the Duluth City Council could vote on this is October 14.

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