The most anticipated store opening in recent memory is just over the horizon as the new Duluth Costco location moves into a new construction phase and begins hiring staff.

Back in August 2020, we reported that construction crews had moved in the heavy equipment and started the process of clearing the trees from the land and leveling the ground for the store and the 700+ car parking lot.

The Star Tribune is reporting that the clearing and leveling of land has been completed and the process of making the actual 160,000-square-foot warehouse building has started.

Adam Fulton, Duluth's deputy director of planning and economic development, told he Star Tribune, "Costco is in the process of working on foundation, and the slab for the store has been poured."

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You might be surprised to learn that construction of the metal building has been refined by Costco over the years to the point where they can finish a building in about 110 days, this means that the store could be open mid-to-late October or early November, but there is no doubt that they would like to have the new store open by the holiday shopping season.

Costco has also started the hiring process of the all the people needed to run the store, everything from Cake Decorator to Meat Wrapper, to Tire Installer and Forklift driver are being hired right now.

The new Duluth store, located at Haines and West Arrowhead roads, will be the 13th store in Minnesota and only the 4th outside the metro area.

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