This is sweet and also kind of heartbreaking! A recent Craigslist ad seeks a long lost love from over twenty years ago.

The ad was found in the Duluth / Superior missed connections section. It is titled "Coast Guard transient 1997?" and that alone made me curious. When I clicked on it, I wasn't disappointed. This sounds like something from a Nicholas Sparks movie.

According to the ad posted to the website, this missed connection happened in the late 90s and the person in question is still thinking about it. Here's what they write:

I was passing through Duluth/Superior around then and came across a pretty young woman who captured my soul. I still remember her and the small apartment she had. I hung out with her the weekend or so, then again a short time after. Never intimate. She had several jobs including "Schlotzkee's" sandwiches. I saw her a couple weeks later cruising around, but she had another guy in the passenger seat and it broke my heart. Long shot... :(
Ugh! This breaks my heart. To think this person is still thinking about this girl AND to think they saw their love with someone else. It is all too much for my heart to take.
The ad was posted in December. It is still there which means there probably wasn't too much luck where this ad was concerned. Hopefully, the user will have some love in his life this year...unless someone reading this knows the person this user is looking for!
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