Frank is a one and half year old black lab who has befriended a deer who just so happened to walk into his families back yard. Although Frank's breed of dog is generally bred for hunting, all he wants to do is play with his new found friend.

Joe Miller, Franks owner was able to capture the video of the deer and dog playfully chasing each other through their backyard. Click here to see the video! Joe Miller said to FOX21:

So I thought at first he was kinda chasing it so I ran out there quick, and kinda came to find out the deer was chasing him. Over the course of the summer, handful of different times I’d get up in the morning I’d let them out, and I was getting ready for work. And I’d look back and here he’d be playing tag with that deer over there.

For the Miller family deer are a familiar site living off McQuade road, but he has never seen any of the deer behave like this before. Wildlife experts say most deer are not aggressive but can be protective of their fawns in late Spring and early Summer.

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Miller went on to say how friendly Frank is which in this case may make it harder to train him once hunting season comes around, but they will just have to wait and see. Either way he welcomes the playdates and also helps Frank get a  lot of exercise running around the yard playing with his new found friend.

This feel good story is such a breath of fresh air right now with the cloud of negativity that seems to be floating above this country right now. Two completely different animals who just want hang out together and enjoy each others company, with no drama. Nature does know best sometimes.

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