For Firefighters besides trying to subdue a fire they put there safety aside in order to save lives, and often times that involves the family pet. That is why the Duluth Fire Department is training with a new program to learn techniques to help save a pets life.

Firefighter Tony Schilling said "When you have a house fire, people's pets are treated like their children often times and a very important part of their families, so just like getting people out we work to get the pets out,"

That is why Schilling along with BluePearl Pet Hospital in Duluth teamed up for this unique training specifically geared towards the fire department.During the training the firefighters learned CPR, wound care and pet restraints. Although many of the procedures are the same as you would apply on humans, learning the anatomy of the animal is key in rendering help.

This type of first aid training is invaluable for so may scenarios besides fires like animals falling through ice, locked in cars etc. Hopefully this trend will continue throughout the country to give these beloved pets a chance to survive under a variety of conditions. For more on this story Click Here.

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