The COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in the Twin Ports and some first responders are some of the first group to get it.

The Duluth Fire Department says that 40 members of the department got their first COVID-19 vaccine shots yesterday. Another 80 EMT certified members will get their first shot next week.

In a post on Facebook the Duluth Fire Department says, "This vaccine has been a long time coming. This first dose gives the members of our team hope, and a sigh of relief not only for themselves, but for their families."

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These first vaccines require that the vaccine recipient gets two shots, the second of the pokes comes two weeks after the first shot was given, and after the second shot the person should be good to go.

Many health workers in the Twin Ports have already gotten their first shots and will be getting their second after the first of the year.

The general public can expect to start getting the vaccine in the late spring or early summer according to state officials. There are also at least three other vaccines that are expected to be approved for emergency use within the next couple of months, one that requires only one shot for immunity.

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