During 2020 Duluth got more wind energy cargo than any other year in history.

Duluth Cargo Connect reported that it got the last shipment of wind energy cargo of 2020 from the BBC Swift. During 2020 Duluth took in 525,000 freight tons of wind energy cargo, which easily tops last year's record of 306,000 freight tons.

You've probably noticed the cargo being moved through town on the way to its destination on large cargo trucks. "It's been a difficult year under the cloud of a global pandemic, but this freight tonnage record is a much-appreciated highlight, made even better by the fact that Duluth Cargo Connect set records in consecutive seasons," said Deb DeLuca, executive director of the Duluth Seaway Port Authority.

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The cargo arrived in Duluth from 30 different shops coming in from Brazil, Germany, India, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, Spain and Turkey. The cargo included blades that are 242 feet long and the towers which are 100 feet long. In total the cargo brought into Duluth was enough to assemble just over 150 wind turbines.

Jonathan Lamb, president of Duluth Cargo Connect says, "There were some long hours throughout the second half of the Great Lakes shipping season, but we stayed flexible and overcame the challenges. Ultimately, it produced a record-setting season, and that's truly a testament to the fantastic team we have at Duluth Cargo Connect."

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