After my preview tour of the 2022 Duluth Haunted Ship earlier this week, I also got a chance to take a look where few get to visit, the hidden workshop and storage area.

Each year a small and talented crew works on what will be the yearly Haunted Ship attraction located throughout the William A. Irvin ship which is docked next to the DECC.

Before the actors get fitted for costumes and make-up applied, the sets, the props, and all the special effects are to be built, altered, or in some cases repaired, and most of that happens here in the hidden workshop and storage area located near the haunted maze.

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TSM - Tony Hart
TSM - Tony Hart

This is a large space big enough for a workshop, wardrobe, and storage, lots of storage. There are props, sets, walls, and even a giant spiral slide all being stored here, some stuff has been used before, and waiting to be used again or repurposed and some stuff is just sitting here waiting to be used for the first time.

Get a Look Behind-The-Scenes at The Duluth Haunted Ship Workshop

Each year a team of talented and dedicated individuals spends countless hours working on building new experiences and enhancing old ones for the Haunted Ship, and much of the work is done in this hidden workshop inside the Willian A. Irvin.

See a Spooky Preview of the 2022 Duluth Haunted Ship - Is It The Best Ever?

I got a chance to preview the 2022 Haunted Ship, and let me tell you, this year may be the best year ever, the sets, the effects, and the props, are all excellent and I can't wait to go through it again when it's open for the season.

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