Duluth has earned some cool accolades recently. One business website added a new title to our list that some may be proud of and others may be ashamed of. Business Insider opened 2015 with their list of the 25 most hungover cities in the United States, and Duluth found itself right in the thick of the top 10.

First, let me clarify that what Business Insider really means by their list is it is the cities that you're most likely to be hungover in, thanks to availability and other patterns.

The people of Duluth are proud of our strong craft beer scene and multitude of establishments to enjoy it. As it turns out, factors like the ratio of bars and liquor stores to population and alcoholic beverage producing businesses per capita play a big role in landing us at number 6 on the list of 25 cities.

The factors Business Insider used to rank cities on their list included CDC heavy drinking and binge drinking data, and Census Bureau data about population and business patterns around the country. The Business Insider's hangover score of 82.32 came in large part to the fact Duluth has the second highest ratio of bars per capita on the list. Duluth has 55.1 bars per 100,000 people, coming in behind Great Falls Montana, which has 64.8 bars per 100,000 people.

The Midwest has a pretty large concentration of cities on this list, but the top state is Montana, with 3 cities. Here is the full list of the 25 most hungover cities in the United States:

  1. Lawrence, Kansas
  2. Fargo, North Dakota
  3. Fort Collins, Colorado
  4. Manhattan, Kansas
  5. Ocean City, New Jersey
  6. Duluth, Minnesota***
  7. Missoula, Montana
  8. Burlington, Vermont
  9. Scranton, Pennsylvania
  10. Buffalo, New York
  11. Great Falls, Montana
  12. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  13. Youngstown, Ohio
  14. Akron, Ohio
  15. Worcester, Massachusetts
  16. Providence, Massachusetts
  17. Austin, Texas
  18. Lincoln, Nebraska
  19. Anchorage, Alaska
  20. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  21. San Francisco, California
  22. Davenport, Iowa
  23. Billings, Montana
  24. St. Louis, Missouri
  25. Denver, Colorado

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