The City of Duluth has lifted a 'no travel' advisory that has been in effect since noon on Saturday. In a statement provided this morning, city officials shared the lifting of the advisory as well as a number of other updates.

Here are the highlights from the statement from the city:

The travel advisory has been lifted, but encourages public to use discretion when traveling. Plow drivers have been out since 2:00 a.m. finishing main roads and will begin plowing residential streets and alleys.

Park Point has reopened to all residents. Morse and Buchanan Streets in addition to the portion of Canal Park Drive that was closed have been reopened to traffic.

The statement also expressed gratitude to residents, thanking them for their patience. "Drivers are working in earnest to remove and clear snow as quickly as possible, and the City is deploying as many pieces of equipment and drivers that are available." read the statement.

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