It has been a year for the record books and that extends to the weather right here in the Northland. Just November alone has been a record-breaker and a roller coaster all in one.

So what is the latest weather record of sorts that we've topped in the Northland? Just halfway through the month of November and we've already seen more snow than all of November of 2019 - and there was even a massive snowstorm last year, too!

Brandon Weathers with the WDIO Storm Team shared this information on his Facebook page Monday (November 16th), stating that the Duluth area has seen nearly 29 inches of snow as of November 15th. Yes, that is how much snow we've seen only halfway through the month.

As if this wasn't impressive enough, that total is more than we saw all of November 2019 combined and over double what we saw the previous November of 2018. Wow!

That is absolutely impressive! Earlier this month, we saw a nice little warm streak in the area, with areas across the Northland even seeing record-breaking temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. It felt more like summer than fall at times.

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After that warm streak, which stretched just a little over a week at the start of the month, we quickly saw the return of winter, as we saw one of our snowiest November days on record on the tenth. The area saw about seven inches of snow with locally higher amounts.

It looks like we won't be breaking anymore records this month, though as the National Weather Service of Duluth predicts a mild rest of the month through the Thanksgiving holiday. That is sure a nice contrast to what we saw around that time last year!

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