Budgettravel.com is a great resource for many people when planning vacations and according to their website they give you the tools to find the best under the radar discoveries. With so many places to see in the U.S. alone this can be a very helpful resource and Duluth is on their radar.

I love going to Canal Park in the height of tourist season just to watch the expressions on people faces watching the ships come in the canal, pointing to the lift bridge or even feeding the sea gulls (which we locals know is frowned upon.) I don't even mind when I go my favorite place which is Brighton Beach and I have nowhere to park or am not able to sit on my favorite rock, I am lucky enough to live here and go there whenever I want.

Budget Travel gave Duluth high marks as being unique in that it is a city surrounded by wilderness making it the best of both worlds. A few local businesses were highlighted as well. For the complete list Click Here 

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