This year has been so tough for so many people with the COVID-19 Pandemic taking so many lives, and so many people falling ill. Businesses closing and people losing their jobs all while tens of thousands of people are on the front lines trying to help save the lives of those who have become sick. Some of these workers are having to use used or dirty PPE's (Personal Protection Equipment) because the hospital or medical facility they work at has run out or has a limited supply.

Thankfully many companies both public and private have stepped up to help and Duluth Pack is one of them.  As part of their "Help a Hero" campaign Duluth Pack has donated $7,000 that will be used to buy personal protective equipment for frontline workers at Essentia and St. Luke's hospital. Duluth Pack has been able to keep business going by manufacturing and distributing personal protective equipment.

Tom Sega, the president and CEO of Duluth Pack said to WDIO

Lighter weight gowns is what we're building and we've hired more people. So, we've actually came out of the COVID pandemic, the layoff, hiring more and more people and we're trying desperately to hire more because the need is there, it's going to stay there and we're going to continue making gowns long term.

Sega said most of the equipment that they are making goes to facilities all over the country so this is a way they can give back locally. Sega went on to say they felt bad that the products they made were not going to local facilities so this way by collecting donations it will help out right here. Duluth Pack has said they will continue to collect more money to make more donations locally.

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What a great idea as many company's have switched gears now making ventilators,  masks and gowns and on top of that they are helping out our local front line workers as well. It is a small victory in trying to keep these hero's safe!

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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