Three Northland kids are hoping to raise $5,000 that will first be used to support local restaurants.  Purchased meals will then be brought to the frontline heroes of the pandemic.

**UPDATE:  The kids hit their $5,000 goal and not only will Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken jump into Lake Superior, but Duluth Fire Department Chief Shawn Krizaj has agreed to join him.

The funds were raised through GoFundMe on their '2020 Ice Out Feed Our Heros' page:

Hello! Thank you for checking out our challenge! We are Brea, Dawson and Bryce. We wanted to come up with a way to be able to help our HEROS on the frontline during this uncertain pandemic time. A way to give them hope, strength and energy to continue to serve our community when we need them most. To feed their souls and nourish their minds with the gratitude of the community. This fundraiser not only brings food to our doctor's, nurses, first responders, police officers, and fire fighter's while on duty, it also supports our local mom and pop restaurants. They need our support too so they can continue to be a part of our community!

The plunge into Lake Superior will be 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, and you can watch it live via Facebook.


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