A barrel racing accident has left a Hibbing, Minnesota woman in intensive care, currently in a medically induced coma.

Autum Mohawk fell off her horse during a barrel race that took place last weekend, suffering a "serious head injury". She was airlifted from Wadena to St. Cloud to seek medical care. A GoFundMe page has been started to help support Autum and her family.

A family friend started the fundraiser, while also sharing an early update from Autum's mom:

Autum fell off her horse and received a very serious head injury. She was airlifted from Wadena to St Cloud where the doctor determined she had a massive brain bleed that required immediate surgery. She was put into an induced coma and sent into surgery. She has made it through , and is now in stable condition in the ICU. The dr. has left a flap of skull open in order to compensate for her brain swelling. She is alive thank you God, but will remain in this induced coma until all brain swelling has subsided and neuro checks are ok.

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The GoFundMe page was started with the initial goal to raise $8,500 to help with medical and other related expenses. As of Monday night, over $6,500 had been raised.

There was another update on Autum's condition Monday, which read in part "Autum is still unconscious, on the vent, feeding tube. But she is off the Propofol and on a very small dose of Precedex, along with pain medication. It has been determined that she has no cervical spine injuries, so her neck brace is off."

The family wants to thank everyone who have helped already the past few days, noting that their kindness will not be forgotten.

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