The Duluth Police Department is looking to hire new recruits, and the applications process will be open soon for all those eligible candidates who would like to join the department.

The Duluth Police Department provides a great service for the community and those with the department enjoy full benefits a built-in raises.

They announced their quest for new recruits Friday on their official Facebook page:

Ever wanted to be part of #DuluthsFinest? Well, now you can! DPD is hiring for New Recruits! The job posting will be open for candidates on April 26! This new recruit class will be part of the new contract negotiation DPD secured that offers a 13% raise over a three-year time period

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The Duluth Police has a very comprehensive hiring process. Initially, all candidates must have all of the following qualifications.

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Current licensed police officer with Minnesota P.O.S.T. Board or eligible for licensing

The hiring process to becoming a Duluth Police Officer involves an oral board exam, chief's interview, background investigation and a background interview. All candidates will also be subject to medical, physical, and psychological testing.

After receiving an offer to become an officer, the Duluth Police Department puts each employee through their academy. There are more than 380 training hours in the academy that cover a variety of topics.

Upon completion of the Duluth Police Department’s Academy, probationary officers will start the Field Training Officer Program, which will put candidates in real-life policing scenarios. Candidates will be paired with a field training officer who’ll be with them for 16 weeks.

Again, anyone interested in becoming a Duluth Police Officer can begin applying on Tuesday, April 26.

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