There always seems to be some type of scam going on across the area but the Duluth Police Department has one they would like to get in front of.

The DPD posted a message on their Facebook page Tuesday morning, warning of IRS scams ahead of tax season.

In their post they wrote, "I’m sure we will see an increase in these types of calls in the upcoming months so be prepared. Make sure to let others know who may not have access to this information to prevent them from becoming a victim."

As we prepare our W-2 forms and gather personal documents with confidential information, it is extra important to make sure you are being careful and mindful as to not fall for a scam.

According to reports, criminals up their game this time of the year hoping to file income tax returns and collect a victim's refund check. Criminals act as the IRS or Treasury department by using caller ID services, telling a victim they owe money in taxes immediately. These scams are usually advanced as the scammer poses as an official with a real name, address and other information to make themself seem legitimate. They then convince the victim the scam is real, collect the money and keep it.

You can get ahead of a tax scam by being very vigilant in the few months ahead. Do not give away any personal information - whether it be your address or your debit card information - over the phone.

Like any other scam, do not click on any suspicious emails in your inbox.

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