The Duluth Police Department is searching for a teen runaway.

The DPD posted about the female individual early Monday (July 1st) on their Facebook page.

According to their post, she was last seen wearing a McDonald's uniform in the area of Zenith Terrace.

Here's what else we know:

  • The teen's name is Evalynn Golderg
  • She is 15 years old
  • She has black hair
  • She has brown eyes
  • She is 5 foot 7 inches
  • She is 144 pounds

The Duluth Police Department is asking the public to keep their eyes peeled for the teen and to call 9-1-1 with any information.

They did not give any further information on the teen or the circumstances regarding the case. They also didn't say if the teen was in danger.

Take a look at the photo above and share it with as many people as you can so the Duluth Police Department can bring her home.

The Duluth Police Department recently issued a warning to residents of the area, advising them of what to do if they see a syringe while out and about in the community.

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