A Duluth Mom named Megan and her two daughters were returning home from a day at the aquarium when she parked her car on a hill engaged the emergency brake and proceeded to get her two daughters out of her car. She tried to take the key out of the ignition but it was stuck so she proceeded to get the girls out of the car. According to her Go Fund Me Page she was able to get her one daughter Elena out first, but her other daughter Bella was not cooperating and would not get out of the back seat of the van.

Megan tried again to get the key out of the ignition but it would not budge so she yelled to a neighbor who was outside, for help. That is when her neighbor yelled to her "your van is rolling down the hill!" Megan chased down the hill after the vehicle. According to the Duluth Police Department Facebook Page  the vehicle rolled down Mesaba Avenue hitting another vehicle and then came to a stop as it was lodged in an embankment by a bunch of trees elevating it off the ground.

Officer Todd Simmons who was on his way to work at the time came upon the crash, called for medical assistance and entered the vehicle safely removing the child from the mini van. An ambulance took Bella to the hospital and thankfully she is o.k. Megan's sister started the Go Fund Me Page to assist Megan with medical expenses and for the family to get a new safe reliable vehicle. Thank you to Officer Simmons for his quick reactions in getting little Bella to safety!

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