After two people fell through ice on Lake Superior this weekend, the Duluth Police Department is warning the public to stay off the ice the rest of the season.

According to WDIO, a 13 year-old boy fell in and an adult who was the boy jumped in to save him. The man was able to pull both him and the boy out safely. A few hours later a 47 year-old woman was walking her dogs on the Park Point beach when of her dogs fell in. When the woman went to save her dog, she fell in too. A bystander then called 911.

Authorities and first responders were able to rescue the woman. This is a good reminder as temperatures are rising, now is not a good time to be on the ice. Luckily no one was seriously injured. I had a scare like this when I was younger. I grew up on Park Point and when my cousins were around 15 years old, we decided to go to the beach on a cold April afternoon. One of cousins ended up falling through the ice, but luckily we managed to pull her out without calling for help. Please be safe whenever you go near ice.

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