The Duluth Public Library along with Mayor Emily Larson made a big announcement yesterday regarding fines.

Going forward the Library be will be free from fines, books will still have due dates and books need to be returned or renewed before 28 days past the due date to avoid the computer system deeming the book lost. The book can still be returned without a fine.

Anyone that had fines and has all the checked-out materials returned to the library will have their fines waived. Keep in mind that the library will still charge for damaged books. Basically, return the book in good shape at any time and you'll never be charged a thing.

Mayor Larson said in a Facebook post, "Under leadership of Library Manager Carla Powers, staff researched the impact of fines and found that they only accounted for .025% of our general fund budget - but resulted in large numbers of kids and families having blocked accounts from an inability to pay fines. This, in neighborhoods across the city where we seek to increase connection and not push people away."

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