'Friends' is celebrating its 25th anniversary and the Duluth theatres are celebrating with three special nights of classic episodes.

'Friends 25th: The One with the Anniversary' is playing at the Duluth and Lakes Cinemas on September 23rd and 28th and October 2nd at 7 PM.

Each night will feature 4 fan favorites episodes that have been remastered in 4k, never seen before footage and interviews with your favorite 'Friends.' Tickets are on sale now, get them here.

Here is a list of the 12 featured episodes:

  • Pilot-ReDo
  • The One With The Black Out
  • The One With The Birth
  • The One Where Ross Finds Out
  • The One With The Prom Video
  • The One Where No One’s Ready
  • The One With The Morning After
  • The One With The Embryos
  • The One With Chandler In A Box
  • The One With Ross’ Wedding-Part 2
  • The One Where Everyone Finds Out
  • The One Where Ross Got High

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