Duluthians can expect to see 16.8 miles of roads improved next year thanks to the Sales Tax Street Improvement Program, according to Duluth Mayor Emily Larson.

The Sales Tax Street Improvement Program, which was approved by voters with 76% of the vote in November of 2017, created a ½ percent sales tax that will be allocated to repair, improve, and maintain roads within the city of Duluth.

The city improved 14.5 miles of roads in 2020, which was the first year of the program. This year, they expect to improve a total of 12.1 miles of roads in the area. In 2022, they will be able to do even more.

“I’m proud to share that 2022 includes 16.8 miles of road construction paid for by our voter-approved dedicated sales tax for streets,” Mayor Emily Larson said. “This is a huge community accomplishment and something to really celebrate. Based on the recollection and experience of Director Jim Benning, this is the single largest number of miles in one construction season, perhaps in our city’s history. By recent comparison – in 2017, the year of the voter referendum, the city did 2.53 miles.”

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The City of Duluth noted in their Monday press release that this program has already had a city-wide impact, as projects have taken place in every city council district, in neighborhoods from Gary - New Duluth to Lakeside, Duluth Heights and Piedmont, and many others.

Planners put a lot of thought into how these projects all interact with one another. They do their best to leverage projects for the benefit of one another while also taking into consideration utilities and geographic equity. City staff has also diligently engaged the Metropolitan Interstate Council, the Commission on Disabilities and the general public as a part of their planning process.

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