I am a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres and have followed her career since she did stand up, but I must say Amanda Moore of Duluth is most likely Ellen's biggest fan around.

According to WDIO Amanda's boyfriend has a cousin who lives in Los Angeles and was able to get them stand by tickets for Ellen's show.  After waiting in line for hours they were able to get seats and go inside to the studio,

Amanda not only will schedule her classes around when Ellen's show is on T.V, but she would also record episodes that she might miss. On top of that she is a huge fan of the game App "Roads to Riches Slots" and so far has accumulated over $2 million dollars in app money. Lucky for Amanda, Ellen found out about Amanda's love of this game and had her come on stage to play it on her show.

Amanda has said the things she loves about Ellen is that she is so kind and generous and makes everybody happy. I could not agree with you more and so happy for you that you were able to meet Ellen, and hug her twice! The show aired yesterday on ABC, here is a clip of Amanda's appearance on the show.

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