Yet another strange thing has been spotted in the Duluth sky but I haven't quite heard of anything quite like this before.

It isn't uncommon or strange to hear about supernatural sightings in the sky around our neck of the woods. In fact, there have been several UFO sightings in the area just over the past year alone.

In the spring, someone reported seeing a UFO on the Iron Range. The sighting all went down in Chisholm, which is just over an hour from Duluth. The person who spotted the UFO said at the time they saw hundreds of white lights traveling in the same direction at the same speed in the area.

Just one month later, a Duluthian spotted strange lights over Lake Superior. This particular sighting lasted for about half an hour and is said to have looked like a fireball in the sky. At one time, according to the report, there were seven "glowing globes" over the lake.

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These are just a few examples of many. Like I said, it is not unusual for someone to spot a UFO or something spooky in the sky over the Northland. Most recently, for example, there were reports of orange hovering lights over Superior, along with other locations across the country.

Now, there is yet another UFO sighting to add to the list. This sighting happened in September of this year but wasn't reported until last month. The report was featured on the National UFO Reporting Center's website.

According to the report, the whole sighting lasted about five minutes. It happened on the Scenic Highway heading back to the Duluth area. The person who reported the sighting, who is anonymous, says they were on top of a cliff to watch the rain clouds head over the lake.

That is when, the reporting party says, they spotted a "white snake like formation" against the dark rain clouds. At first, they thought it was simply birds but it was moving "up and down" like a hang waving.

While there have been many of these sightings over the years, I haven't ever heard of a snake-like formation being spotted before. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that sounds like this string of lights.

Over the summer, a local from Wisconsin says he spotted Bigfoot while driving on a windy road in the dark. He was so sure of it that his family went back to the scene of the crime. Maybe there is something about our area that attracts the supernatural?

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