The Lincoln Park Craft District can now add another new business to the neighborhood a true cocktail lounge called "Noble Pour."  The new establishment is located at 1905 W. Superior Street and opened Sunday December 15.

Tyler Schwanke is the general manager of the Noble Pour, and said "the menu features fresh, simple, well-crafted cocktails with prices ranging from $10 to $14."  Obviously this is not your average type of bar, but a destination experience for locals and tourists alike. Co -Owner Tom Hanson who owns three other local restaurants in addition to OMC which is next door to Noble Pour said: “What I think is happening with Duluth is the bar is being raised, and with Noble Pour we’re out to add something that gives people one more reason to want to live here.”

Hanson has been given credit for being a business owner who has helped revitalize an area of Duluth that needed a breath of new life, and now there are many new businesses up and down the block. The cocktail lounge was a thrift store before he purchased it and will soon have a yoga studio above it as well. Hanson had the thought to have this property always be a bar and he and Schwanke took a trip to New York this month with two Noble Pour bartenders visiting dozens of cocktail hot spots looking for ideas.

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It is really exciting to see all these new local businesses opening up all over town and  the Lincoln Park Craft District is proof that when you invest in a neighborhood things can turn around for the better for everyone in the community. For more information about Noble Pour click here.

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