Since Glensheen Mansion opened their unique and a little creepy Obscura exhibit this summer, it's been a visitor favorite. It presented the opportunity for people to see things that were never before available to the public and now there will be even more to see.

Glensheen Obscura will now feature Glensheen’s spooky Vaseline Glass collection, buy don't wait to check it out as it's only going to be in display until Sunday, October 31. Now, the big question is, what the heck is Vasline Glass?

According to Glensheen, Vaseline Glass Inc. is renowned for their curious light green color and black and gold specks. What makes Vaseline glass as popular and collectible as it is today is that the unique coloring was achieved through using uranium-dioxide. That would mean these pieces are radioactive!

Vaseline Glass, Inc. adds, "The government confiscated all supplies of uranium during WWII and halted all production of Vaseline Glass from approximately 1943 until the ban was lifted in Nov. 1958." After that glass was made from depleted uranium.

Courtesy of Glensheen Mansion
Courtesy of Glensheen Mansion

Tour organizers speculate that the specific glassware that is on display at Glensheen is probably from the early 1900’s and like many of the Obscura pieces, it was most likely picked up by one of the Congdon’s on their many impressive worldly travels.

Vaseline Glass is a great addition to Glensheen Obscura, which features many fascinating items that had been stored away in one of the mansion's 23 closets.

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In addition to the newly added radioactive glass, you can see items like homemade crafts, rare maps, a skull & snake inkwell and even broken dolls, like the one you see below. The dolls really freak some people out!

Courtesy of Glensheen Mansion
Courtesy of Glensheen Mansion

All the exhibit items can be seen on both the self-guided Classic Tour and self-guided Full Mansion tour, but remember to get to Glensheen by Sunday, October 31 if you want to check out the very cool Vaseline Glass collection.

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