When my son was younger he was full on into skateboarding and I must say he has become very good at. The problem was back in the day their was never a designated place where they could skate, but then he found out about The Encounter. Yes, now their are multiple outdoor places, but this one is inside. Not only was this a great place for him to skate but he had the camaraderie of his friends who all basically taught each other how to skateboard.

For 18 years The Encounter Skate Park in Duluth was a popular hangout for skaters in the community that is until New Years Eve in 2017 when a pipe burst in the building and caused major flooding in all three floors of the building and the skate park was ruined.

According to CBS3  Encounter's Director Mark Pavola says "thanks to good insurance and help from volunteers, their leading organization, Head of the Lakes Youth for Christ, was able to completely renovate the building." It took two years to complete the renovation but kids were lined up on New Years Eve to get inside. Pavola went on to say "reopening a place that feels like home to many in the community was a very special way to start the new year."

The Encounter is located at 201 E. 1st Street, Duluth MN 55802 / Call 218.722.9820 / Website


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