I was at the Miller Hill Mall yesterday and noticed something that I had never seen before, paid parking spots.

The four premium paid parking spots near entrance 2 (there may be more around the mall) located by Ulta Beauty and Noddles and Company are marked as "Up Front Plus Parking", these spots require that you scan a QR code after parking and pay a fee.

How Much Are The Parking Spots?

After scanning the QR code, users are taken to ParkWhiz and asked to pay $5 for 24 hours of parking, not a bad deal if you plan to spend all day shopping, but for a quick trip into the mall, it seems a little much. The parking spots are only available to be paid using the QR code at the mall, a quick search of the Miller Hill Mall on the ParkWhiz website results in no hits.

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Miller Hill Mall has a number of free reserved parking spots near the entrance, including spots for expectant mothers, veterans, and food pickup, but these seem to be the only paid spots on the mall property.

Do Other Malls Do This?

Other malls have similar options, the Mall of America allows customers to reserve spots using MyPark, they offer 20 spots at different entrances to the mall for $3 for the first two hours and $3 each additional hour. The Miller Hill Mall paid spots do not offer an hourly option, only the $5 for 24 hours of parking, which is a little odd and could lead to those spots being empty most of the time.

Also, if you do the math, it seems the most the mall could make daily from these 4 spots is $20, or less than $150 a week. It seems to me that it wouldn't be worth it, and they would be better off using the spots for other reserved spots like I listed above or just leave them open for the public, but I can't blame them for trying to make a buck either.

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