Olympian Kara Goucher has her roots here in Duluth and she was representing the whole nation at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London yesterday in the marathon, she didn't medal but she lead the main pack of runners for a good chunk of the race. Even though she's not leaving with a medal, she made the northland and her country proud.

Kara finished 11th in Sunday’s marathon with a time of 2:26.07, exactly three minutes behind gold medalist Tiki Gelana of Ethiopia.

Goucher had some serious cramping which slowed her down and made the race very painful for her at times, she said “It started in the abductors, the right calf and then it went to my back, I haven’t cramped in a marathon since the New York City Marathon and I honestly haven’t felt that kind of pain since I pushed out a baby. I’m serious.”

She'll take some time and do some "fun runs" during the fall before training for the Boston Marathon after the first of the year, which Goucher has a goal to win next year, good luck Kara!