After the Red Bear visited the DECC during the Bernie Sanders rally, pictures of him were shared on Reddit and Instagram. 

He has helped a bear out of tree in downtown, gave Chief Gordon Ramsay a going away basket, now he is endorsing a presidential candidate. The Red Bear held up a sign that read 'Bears for Bernie #Bearlivesmatter' and he was instantly posted on Reddit and Instagram.

The headline on Reddit was 'Dude in bear costume supporting Bernie Sanders at Duluth rally...why not, right?'  Millennialsforbernie snapped a pic and shared it on their Instagram:

Yesterday at the rally in Duluth. #Repost @haardmaaandy ・・・ #bearsforbernie #berniesanders #feelthebern

A photo posted by #feelthebern (@millennialsforbernie) on

You can see the video and photo gallery of Red Bear at the rally here and let me know what you think of Red Bear's latest shenanigans in the comments below.

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