It's no surprise that celebrities can make a lot of money through their social media accounts, millions of dollars are up for grabs and here is the top earner from Minnesota, it might surprise you.

When I say millions of dollars, I mean it, it's estimated that actor/comedian Kevin Hart pulls in over $28 million per year just from his Instagram profile, actor Mark Wahlberg banks about $15 million a year, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson collects over $9 million per year. Minnesota's top earner takes in significantly less than these heavy hitters, but it's still a large amount.

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Bored Panda says they looked at over 90,000 Instagram posts from 850 celebrities to make estimates on how much money is being paid out to these celebrities for endorsements and partnerships with top brands.

Minnesota's top earner is someone that was born in the state, but moved at the age of 7 to Washington and now rarely comes to the state, but he's a HUGE movie star and earns a nice bag of cash from his Instagram account.

Bored Panda
Bored Panda

The Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt is considered to be Minnesota's top Instagram earner, he's best known for his role as Peter Quill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. He's also starred in the recent 'Jurassic World' movies and a handful of other hit movies and TV shows. It's estimated that Pratt makes $275,246 per year from his Instagram account.

This is just pocket change for the mega-star, he has an estimated net worth of over $100 million, and he's married to Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of Arnold, so there is no shortage of cash flow in that family.

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