I previously shared a blog called "This Downtown Duluth Escalator Breaks More Than The Slip Bridge." Since moving to our new studios downtown, I have noticed that more days that not this escalator hasn't been working. People commented on Facebook that this escalator has been a problem for years. Is it that big of a deal? No. We can take the elevator or walk down the street. But is it kinda funny that this thing is such a pile of junk? Absolutely.

Well there is some actual progress being made. The escalator broke down sometime mid January and has not been running since. There was a sign telling us parts were ordered, and judging by the amount of time it has taken, escalator parts are hard to find.

There is a section of the track removed. If you've ever wondered what one of these things look like inside, walk over and take a gander. I was kind of surprised myself!

Hopefully this dilapidated, sluggish, tired, piece of trash will be up and running soon. I'll keep you posted.

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