The one up-side to this hot dry summer is that I don't think the mosquito have been all that bad. But, I did get one nasty bite that has been driving me crazy.

It never fails, every time I go in our linen closet to look for any kind of medication or even a band aid it has disappeared, and that was the case with our anti-itch cream. To make matters worse the bite is on the outside of my palm just under my pinky which makes it an awkward place to itch and get relief. (See picture below, I tried to draw an arrow to the mosquito bite :) )

Photo courtesy of Jeanne Ryan/Townsquare Media
Photo courtesy of Jeanne Ryan/Townsquare Media


So I decided to use the power of the Internet and find some home remedies and this one was one of the best I had seen. I have a few from the list below:

  1. A dab of honey
  2. Scotch Tape
  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Preparation H (I don't have any of that on hand :) )
  5. Listerine


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