Ed Sheeran recently sat down with MTV to discuss his vast collection of tattoos. The clip reveals some stories behind his colorful body art, including his matching "bro tat" with One Direction’s belated birthday boy, Harry Styles.

Here’s the scoop on some of Sheeran's ink:

Puss in Boots: When asked for the tale behind his tattoo of the fugitive feline, he said, “Basically, all my tattoos kind of revolve around songs on my record – Puss in Boots relates to a song called ‘Wake Me Up’ where I talk about 'Shrek.' Plus, I like cats!"

Pingu: “I got that with Harry Styles,” explained Sheeran after pointing to the penguin tattooed on his arm. “I mentioned it and he was like, ‘alright.’” For those unfamiliar with Pingu, it’s a children’s claymation series that’s quite popular in Britain.

Prince: He acquired his tribute to ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ in the appropriate location of Philadelphia, Pa. “I was on tour with my friends, the Rizzle Kicks, who were my opening act," he began. "And I got 'Prince,' Jordan got 'Fresh' on his leg, and Harley got on his arm 'on the playground where I spent most of my days.'” Sheeran further demonstrated his love for ‘Fresh Prince’ by rapping the well-known theme song.

Which of Sheeran's tats do you like the best? Sound off in the comments below!

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