What an exciting time for 18-year-old Rachel Bootsma of Eden Prairie as she tries to improve her times in preparation for the Olympic Try outs for Team USA!

For anyone who's child participates in sports at any level, the dreams of making an Olympic team could seem pretty far-fetched, but not for Rachel.

According to the Star Tribune  Bootsma is looked at as one of the fastest backstrokers heading into the Olympic trials next month in Omaha Nebraska.

I was someone who started swimming competitively at the tender age of 8, I loved it, but by the age of 12 I became burnt out on the grueling schedule, and wanted to focus on other sports as well. Not like I was even close to having the potential to be a future Olympian, but with my big flat feet, I was pretty quick in the 50 meter Butterfly. :)

Fingers crossed for Rachel as she strives to join the ranks of all these amazing athletes. She has sacrificed so much at still such a young age, and I am sure she is a name that we will continue to hear about as she pursues her quest for Olympic Gold!


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