Cooper and I have talked about this multiple times on the air, that I have a healthy respect for deer and keep my distance. Partially because I know to leave wild animals alone and I am also a little scared of them. I am not afraid of little deer, they would have to be pretty large in size, but I have seen way to many videos of deer going after people.

And what do you know WDIO has a story about a man and his dog being chased by a deer in Ely. Apparently last night around 9pm an Ely Police Officer that was on patrol saw the man and dog running form a deer down the road. Officer Brad Roy got out of his vehicle and yelled at the deer but it kept chasing the man and his dog. When the officer yelled again the deer started approaching him. Two dogs from behind a fence were barking at the deer who then went up to the fence and kicked it with it's hoof.

Officer Roy contacted the DNR who said the deer may have been a new Mom and she was protecting her newborn fawn. Fawns are typically born Mid-May through early June. It is advised to try and steer clear of deer and fawns and to to keep your pets away too for your own safety.

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