Beyonce may shine as a feature on Eminem's "Walk on Water," but someone close to the rapper says the Lemonade singer was — to put it bluntly — second-string.

In a chat with This Is 50and amid the release of Em's brand new album Revival, D12's Mr. Porter — who produced three records on the LP — said that Adele was originally meant to be the featured voice on the song, but that "something happened with her voice and so she couldn't do it."

"I was like: 'Yo, this would be cool,'" Porter said, before lamenting that Adele had to pull out. "Then it got to them doing Beyonce, which I thought was — obviously, my mind was already there. There's only a couple people who can pull that off."

Revival, which officially drops today and also features Ed Sheeran, Pink and additional artists, leaked two days early, and immediately began drawing pretty mixed reviews. The Guardian called it a "trainwreck" and added "If Eminem thinks his verbal box of tricks can overcome the weakness of any backing track, his recent albums have demonstrated otherwise. "

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