Day Tripper of Duluth is an outdoor guide service for you explore the great outdoors any time of the year. They offer a huge variety of activities for all ages and fitness levels including canoeing, kayaking, SUP, skiing, hiking, biking, and more.

The day tours range from 2-4 hours and they also offer multi day trips where you can be out as long or as little as you like, plus overnight trips and special events as well.

Living in a beautiful area like we do in the Twin Ports and up the North Shore we are pretty lucky to have resources like this so you can get out and explore the wilderness with professionals who may open your eyes up to a whole new adventure like winter fat biking. I for one need to take advantage of these services since I tend to hibernate in the winter time.

Check out the video below of some of the crew as they skate and bike out on Lake Superior. As you can see they are always trying to find new ways to enjoy being outside, being active and having fun!

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