Several escape rooms will challenge your skills.

Escape the Bong 2.0  will happen at The Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center on February 6th - 8th. A new escape room will start every hour and run from 11 AM - 9 PM on Friday and Saturday.

Thursday is kid's day, with escape rooms running every hour from 11 AM - 6 PM. Ticket prices are $25 and $15 and are available here.

Here is a list of the different escape rooms that will be available throughout the 3-day event:

  • FDR Bunker: Thirteen stories below Grand Central Station, a rail platform was built for one passenger and one passenger only. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the platform as the arrival point for his armored rail car during World War II. You have been accidentally “locked” in the room, and it will be up to you to gain your freedom.
  • River of Doubt: In 1913, Theodore Roosevelt embarked on an expedition to the Amazon. The trek nearly killed him and several on his team did not survive. He has upset a tribe of natives by taking their sacred artifacts and now he has disappeared. Find the artifacts and return them to save the expedition.
  • Dead Man’s Chest: While scuba diving with friends, you find a secret cave full of treasure. Fame and fortune will be yours with proof of the Queen’s bounty!
  • Prison Break: While touring Alcatraz on a class trip, the guard has locked you in a cell but was called away and forgot about you! Get out quick or you will miss the last boat to San Francisco and have to spend a cold, scary night on The Rock! (not scary)
  • Toy Collector (February 6 only): Your favorite childhood toy is missing and your neighbor happens to be a “collector.” You suspect your toy is in his garage workshop. You have no trouble getting in, but the security system has locked you in, and a timer counts down when the neighbor will be there to bring in the cops! You need to find your toy to escape.

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