If you have ever been part of an Escape Room adventure, you know how much fun that can be, Starting today through February 8 the Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center at 305 Harbor View Pkwy in Superior will be hosting a special Escape Room Event.

Their will be multiple escape rooms that will test your deduction and puzzle solving skills. Each room is designed for an hour of problem solving fun and has its own unique mission and experience. Below is a description of the different rooms:

  1. FDR Bunker: While touring FDR's World War II bunker deep below the streets of New York you have been accidentally locked inside! FDR hid the code to get out somewhere in the subterranean hideaway. It's up to you to find it!
  2. Deadly Deer Camp: You have wandered onto the wrong man's property! He will give you one hour to solve his puzzles; otherwise, you might end up on the menu! (Not recommended for under 13 years of age.)
  3. Door to Doomsday: As a member of a Minuteman missile crew, you have to decide...is launching the right thing to do? Will you save the world and be the hero? or will doomsday be on your head? This room has been custom built just for the Bong Center.

All the funds raised from the event will go to the Education Programs at the center. For more information and tickets Click Here. 

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