If you or someone in your family has a medical issue over the weekend, you need to be aware that there will be one less care option available on Sunday.

Essentia Health in Duluth announced Friday that they will be forced to close the Essentia Health Urgent Care-Duluth facility on Sunday, December 11. This is the urgent care clinic located at 400 E 3rd Street in downtown Duluth.

The reason they are temporarily closing that urgent care location is due to a planned power outage by Minnesota Power. Essentia Health plans on reopening the facility at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, December 12.

In addition, the Essentia Health-Duluth 3rd Street Pharmacy will have reduced hours, opening from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 11.

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Essentia patients should also be aware that during the power outage, access to skywalks from the Third Street Building to the Green Ramp will be limited.

The good news is that this will only impact one of Essentia’s urgent care sites. The Essentia Health-Hermantown Clinic, located at 4855 W. Arrowhead Road, and the Essentia Health-West Duluth Clinic, located at 4212 Grand Avenue will be open on Sunday.

Another great resources for Essentia patients is their online immediate care tool. This hand option allows people to access additional options, such as virtual care.

When you utilize the immediate care site, you'll start by selecting an option that best describes what you're experiencing:

  • Cold, Throat or Sinus Issues
  • Cuts, Scratches, Bites, or Wounds
  • Ear Injury or Hearing Issues
  • Eye Injury/Infection or Vision Issues
  • Headache, Migraine or Head Related Issues
  • Injury or Pain
  • Rectal or Bowel Issues
  • Respiratory Issues or Difficulty Breathing
  • Reproductive Health or Genital Issues
  • Skin Rashes, Burns, Sores or Lumps
  • Stomach Illness or Digestive Issues
  • Urination or Bladder Issues
  • Vaccinations and Immunizations

From there you'll be guided to care options that are available to you through Essentia Health.

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