I for one cannot wait for winter to go away for a long time, but for others in parts of the country the weather they have endured lately might be making the idea of moving North even more appealing.

According to WDIO Scientists who were in the Northland this week at a conference hosted by UMD say because of climate change many people might consider moving to an area like Duluth. UMD Biology Professor Julie Etterson said "I think one of the things that we might need to adapt to is an influx of people from further south. Duluth is a fabulous place, it's beautiful."

Etterson went on to say that winters are not as bad as they used to be (although I beg to differ after this last winter) and summers are warmer then they used to be as well. For many parts of the United States their weather is deteriorating making many people think seriously about moving.

But Etterson does clarify that climate change has effected Minnesota as well with increased amounts of rainfall it has eroded our streets and washed more pollutants into Lake Superior. She encourages locals to use public transportation and also buying local foods which all helps cut down on CO2 admissions into the atmosphere.

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