If you notice extra law enforcement out on the roads in the Northland, it's likely related to the 'Click It or Ticket' campaign running now through the end of November.

'Click It or Ticket' is a nationwide campaign to encourage motorists to wear their seat belts because not only is it the law, but it saves lives.

Between Jan. 1 and Nov. 1, preliminary reports show 85 unbelted motorists died on Minnesota roads this year, the highest overall year-to-date unbelted fatalities since 2012 (97). This year is the highest number of unbelted fatalities (10) of 15-19-year-olds since 2013 (10) and the highest number of unbelted fatalities (28) of 25-39-year-olds since 2012 (32).

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Minnesota statistics show how the decision not to buckle up can bring about life changing repercussions for people of all ages:

  • In 2019, 73 unbelted motorists lost their lives on Minnesota roads.
  • From 2015 – 2019, 17 children (ages 0-7) were killed in motor vehicles.  Seven of the victims were properly secured, six were not properly restrained, and restraint use was unknown in four fatalities.
  • Of the 87 children (ages 0-7) seriously injured in motor vehicles, 53 percent were known to be properly secured.

Conversely, buckling up can can be a lifesaving decision:

  • In crashes from 2015 – 2019, of the 17,055 children ages 0-7 that were properly restrained, 87 percent were not injured while another 10 percent sustained only possible injuries.
  • In 1987, 4,176 vehicle occupants suffered severe injuries in traffic crashes. That number dropped to 1,052 in 2019.

It is important for adults to buckle up and to take the time to correctly use child restraints, teach children the value of buckling up and model seat belt use.

As a buckle up reminder to adults, always place the shoulder belt across the middle of your chest and away from your neck, and place the lap belt across your hips, not your stomach. You should never put the shoulder belt behind your back or under your arm.

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